5 Benefits of Osteopathic Manual Medicine

It’s hard to find effective treatment when you only focus on a specific symptom. That’s because your body is an integrated system, so you have to look at the entire structure in order to have optimal health. This concept is what sets osteopathic medicine apart from traditional practices.

When you see an osteopathic physician, these medical providers have advanced training rooted in science and technology that incorporates complementary therapies, like hands-on manual manipulation.

At Santa Cruz Osteopathic, Dr. Richard Bernstein brings more than 30 years of health care experience to the Capitola community. 

He shares these five benefits of osteopathic manual treatment (OMT).

1. Treats a wide variety of issues

Only a trained and licensed osteopathic physician can provide OMT. These treatments involve 40 hands-on techniques to diagnose, treat, or prevent illness and injury. 

To administer OMT, Dr. Bernstein uses gentle pressure, resistance, and stretching to move your muscles and joints in order to improve function. This process makes it effective for a variety of musculoskeletal conditions, including:

OMT can also help relieve chronic headaches and migraines.

2. Promotes overall health and wellness

Since OMT focuses on restoring proper structure, alignment, and function in your body, it also

improves numerous systems in your body, including:

Plus, even if your therapy focuses on a specific region of your body, these techniques promote blood flow throughout your entire system.

3. Provides noninvasive, drug-free solutions

Dr. Bernstein offers OMT as an alternative to therapies like medication and surgery. By using his hands to gently manipulate your joints and tissues, he can relieve tightness and restriction leading to nerve, muscle, or joint issues.

This process is so safe that people of all ages -- from infants to the elderly — can undergo OMT. It’s even safe enough for women in their third trimester of pregnancy.

4. Is safe to use with other treatments

While OMT can offer a noninvasive, drug-free solution, it’s also safe enough to use in combination with other medical treatments. And, in many cases, it can even improve your outcomes. For example, research shows that including OMT in your rehabilitation program after heart surgery can reduce postoperative complications and improve the recovery process.

Plus, if you have other health issues or concerns, Dr. Bernstein can tailor your OMT session directly to your unique needs.

5. Enhances a provider’s diagnostic skills

Doctors already undergo rigorous training. However, osteopathic physicians have an even deeper understanding of the interrelated nature of your musculoskeletal and bodily systems — or "the whole person." Dr. Bernstein also considers other factors when caring for his patients, including those involving the environment and lifestyle.

This expertise and hands-on approach gives Dr. Bernstein an added advantage when diagnosing and treating people in his care.

Ready to see if osteopathic manual medicine is right for you? Contact our office in Capitola, California, to schedule an appointment by calling 831-316-1493 or requesting an appointment online today.

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