What is a D.O.


What Does a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine Do?

What is a D.O? Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.), are fully licensed physicians who use a unique whole-person approach to help prevent illness and injury. D.O.'s are trained to listen and partner with their patients to help them get healthy and stay well.

D.O.'s receive special training in the musculoskeletal system, your body’s interconnected system of nerves, muscles and bones. By combining this knowledge with the latest advances in medical technology, I offer patients the most comprehensive care available in medicine today.

D.O.'s strive to help you be truly healthy in mind, body and spirit—not just free of symptoms. We look beyond symptoms of illness and disease to examine the whole patient.

In a typical visit I want to hear about what's going on with your home, family and work; not just the pain you are having. We then partner together to relieve your pain and help prevent illness and injury. It’s truly a 360-degree view of your life and your health with several goals: ease symptoms, prevent future ones, ease stress, and help your body heal itself.

A Hands-On Approach

The foundation of osteopathic medicine is that the body’s systems are interconnected and each one affects the others. For normal bio-mechanical function all the body's parts must work together. As part of our education, D.O.'s receive special training in the musculoskeletal system, the body’s intricate system of muscles, nerves and bones.

Using osteopathic manipulative treatment (OMT), a D.O. moves a patient’s muscles and joints using techniques that include stretching, gentle pressure and resistance to help identify and correct the source of the underlying health concerns. OMT can be used to ease pain, promote healing and increase overall mobility.

Range of Treatments

Some medical issues require prescription medicines or surgery. D.O.'s will recommend those when needed; however, we will try to limit the amount needed or eliminate it altogether. We'll first look at your lifestyle and habits, along with other hands-on approaches: laser therapy, SpineMED treatments along with working with physical therapists, trainers, and other modalities first.


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